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Happy New Year Team!!!!

Team I'm so thankful for a new year. With a new year comes some new activities and commitments. 

First thing on the agenda for the new year is QAPI. QAPI is Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement. The QA is basically how we as professionals identify issues that negatively effect our clients. And what as a group we will do to address and fix them. This is where the team comes in. We will need your input and feedback. So be looking forward to participating, if you can, by month's end. Remember, QAPI is completed in January and revised in July of every year. 

New contests are coming soon. Stay tuned.

We have new Client Affairs Coordinators for the Nacogdoches/Lufkin region and the Beaumont region. Krishna Wall will be managing Region 1200 which is the Nacogdoches/Lufkin region. The new Client Affairs Coordinator for Beaumont will be announced next month. Please stay tuned.