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General House Keeping


Just some general information that you should know.

I'm leaving this information the same for March. We are still having too many clock adjustments. The process is easy. You got this.

We are in talks about changing our pay periods from the 5th and 20th to every two calendar weeks. But we will need everyone's help to make this happen. 

1. I will need everyone to be at 90% correct clocks. This will make matching and curing your time faster and easier. This means working your scheduled time and clocking in/out using the correct token code.

2. I will need everyone to send in their token numbers daily. Not a few days down the line.

By doing this, we should be able to make the change fairly quickly.

If you ever have an issue clocking in or out, please write down the token numbers for your clock in and out to verify that you were actually at work. If you are in Region 6,  it will be harder to establish a confirmation of your time without token numbers. What that means is. if you don't clock in or out and can not provide a token number, you may not be compensated. And this is do to excessive manual time adjustments without token numbers. And please don't be the person that decides to just make up the numbers. Really simple, if the numbers you give does not match the numbers that is in the EVV system for that particular time, you are setting yourself up for MEDICAID FRAUD investigations. 

If you start your shift and an hour later you realize that you forgot to clock in, please text the issue in and it will be adjusted. If this happens more than twice, your text may be verified with your client.

Please make sure to inform us of when you miss a shift. It never looks good on you when we call your client and have no idea that you were not going to be there. Starting in February, I will be moving to writeups to help correct this behavior. 

If you have to change your schedule or miss work, discuss it with your client first. then communicate the schedule change to management. That way we are all on the same page. 

Happy Birthday to all of our January team members. Including me!  Enjoy your day.

When you can, please go to our Facebook page and give us a like or two. It will help us get the word out to those that need your expertise.

2020 was an unprecedented year. And things may take a while to get back to normal. Please remember to continue wearing your mask around your clients and when necessary.  Social distance and handwashing are keys. Use your hand sanitizer and gloves as often as possible. And be very cautious and mindful when spending time in large groups. Please don't be the one that takes the virus to your clients. 

We are currently checking with THHS to see with procedures we need to take in or to get you all information about the Covid-19 vaccine. Please stay tuned. We will post that information as it comes.

Team! We are growing! We are currently servicing  24 counties in and around the Houston area. And will be expanding into North East Texas after the first of the year. So, if you know anyone on services with Traditional Medicaid, Molina, Superior, Aetna or Private Pay, refer them to us. Going forward, new client referral bonus amount will be $75.00. Great way to make some extra cash. The bonus will be paid after the referred client has been on service for one full calendar month. 

If you are wondering which insurances or pay sources we take, here is the list:  THHS ( Traditional Medicaid), Molina, Superior and Aetna. We will soon be signing up again with Veteran Assistance. Still awaiting approval from Amerigroup, United Healthcare and Cigna.